How To Save Your Marriage Even Only You Want It

When marital crisis occurs, most people don’t take any action or don’t know how to save a marriage to avoid divorce. That is the reason why there are 40 to 50 percent divorce rate in the United States according to study.  Marriage is all about  relationship between husband and wife and how to achieve and maintain good relationship requires knowledge and effort. Unfortunately most people handle their relationship with others based on their nature born personality and instinct and therefore in general results in poor marriage relationship. In this article we present a “Save A Marriage System” with 89.7% successful rate and is developed by a top relationship coach and marriage expert Lee H. Baucom, Ph. D. who have more than 25 year experience and already not only  saved thousands of couples marriage and avoided divorce for the reason of deception, affairs, bankruptcies, dishonesty, mid life crisis…etc, but also transformed their relationship much better than before.

About Lee H. Baucom, Ph. D., The author of Save The Marriage system

Dr. Lee H. Baucom Family
Dr. Lee H. Baucom Family

He received his Ph. D. degree in 1997 with major on marriage and family therapy. He is a consultant for NBC Dateline and featured on national magazines such as Men’s Health for his effective and unique system to save a marriage.  He has an office at Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to coaching and therapy,  Dr. Baucom has also provided consultation for businesses and organizations .  When he began his career on marriage counseling, he is not satisfied with the techniques that he was trained because of low success rate about saving clients marriage. After tried, tested and re-tested, he finally developed and created the unique “Save A Marriage System” with almost 90% success rate. His new technique has been proved it is extremely more powerful than any other methods. His system has been adopted by many professionals in their offices. Dr. Baucom has been married for 25 years. He has two children, a daughter and a son.

Why marriage counseling can be dangerous to your marriage.

Each year ten of thousands couples seek marriage counseling hoping to save their marriage to avoid divorce. Most will find it unhelpful. Some will find it hurtful and few will benefit. Of the couples attending therapy about 50 percent still divorce which make no difference with the general population. In fact 75 percent have no measurable change and only 10 to 15 % report positive change.  The reason is that most marriage therapists are actually trained in individual therapy model. Their goal is the happiness and life satisfaction of the individual. Many don’t even have any training in marital therapy. Those trained in marital therapy work from the standpoint that the problem is communication. However, few couples really have communication as the root issue. Learning communication skills only make you better at fighting.

The real issue is: perception of each other, built on years of hurts and pains; not creating a sense of connection- of being a team, of being a WE. You can save a marriage to avoid divorce and do it even your spouse is angry, left or given up. You can still turn it around.

A marital crisis doesn’t simply disappear and the problem is with sensation. Couples misunderstand each other. They assume the other try to hurt them, is being mean or ignore their needs. This is the problem and fix that, marriage will improve. The secret of marriage is becoming a WE. It is that simple but it is also that complex and difficult. Marriage is unlike any other relationship in the world. We were raised to take care of ourselves, to be a ME. When you meet someone, and fall in love and then decide to marry. But no one ever tell you that you must forge something new. You have to create a new understanding – the relationship between you and your spouse.  It is not that the ME goes away. In fact, a We is formed by two ME’s who have made a decision to be a team, using the strength of each other to live together. Every relationship has problems but those who know the secret know what to do to recover. The other fail. You need to know how to connect, how to get to WE, and “Save A Marriage” system will show you how.

About Save A Marriage System

The system hold not just the secret of becoming a WE, but the step-by-step details on how to get there, regardless of where you start. The system is designed to give you everything you need to get started on your own. To date, over 72560 couples have used the material. You can do the same. According to latest survey, for those who that applied the method and technique, 89.7% saved their marriage and avoided divorce. The system is designed so that you can start implementing from day one.

The first step is learning what to stop doing! The system has a module dedicated to helping you stop the actions that only cause more problems. Many, you may not know you are even doing! There are top 5 most destructive actions in the first module. Then, you will want to start with the Quick-Start guide that will allow you to assess your situation and know exactly where to begin. There are actually 8 different stages to a marriage crisis, each one needing a different approach. Once you completed that, you are ready to really learn about what a marriage could and should be, along with direct advice on how to get there. The core module is designed to give you all the information you will need to understand what went wrong, how to fix it, and how to make sure you never get stuck again.

If you are reading this article, it means you want to save your marriage and avoid divorce either for yourself or your family and children. What you need now is the right information and some efforts. It is really not that hard once you understand the basic concept of marriage. However, the longer you go without taking action, the lower your chances to save a marriage. You could decide to not take action. That may lead to divorce or you are not happy with your marriage. The average cost of a divorce in the U. S. is $20,000. That does not count the loss assets, the pain and suffering, impact on kids, cost of running two household….the list goes on and on. According to Dr. Baucom experience, your marriage situation now actually is a catalyst for a new beginning of your marriage that will make it better and stronger than before. In addition, Dr. Baucom also provides consulting service for Save The Marriage System customers with a much cheaper price than he usually charges his client.  Click here to take action now and you have an extremely high chance to save your marriage and avoid divorce.